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5 Unusual Ways A Bail Bond Company Can Make Sure You’re Reliable

Posted by Samantha Jones on Aug 20, 2015

Taking out a bail bond to get out of jail after an arrest means borrowing money from a business that must trust you not to disappear. Since most bail bond companies are giving this money to people they don’t know, the lender needs to do everything possible to determine reliability. Don’t be surprised if the bail bonds company requests you comply with at least one of these techniques for minimizing your flight risk. Electronic Trackers Whether you’re newly released from jail or serving a house arrest sentence, the common electronic GPS units strapped to wrists or ankles are all provided by private bail bond companies. This equipment sends alerts to the holder of the bond when you leave your restricted area, allowing them to track you down as long as the device is still attached to you. The warning system is the best way for the company to ensure you won’t disappear and cost them the bail money. You’ll have to pay for the convenience of being tracked by a GPS unit. Rental costs can cost hundreds of dollars per week or month, so see if there are other options for building trust with the bail bonds company that won’t drain your bank account as quickly. Social Media Accounts Other bail bonds specialists turn to other forms of technology to keep track of their clients and minimize losses. You’re free to refuse and try to find another provider, but don’t be shocked if you’re asked to provide access to...

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Preparing To File For Bankruptcy? A List Of Bills You Should Continue To Pay

Posted by Samantha Jones on Sep 22, 2014

If you have made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy, you may have a challenging question on your mind. You may find yourself wondering what bills or debts you should continue to pay on until your paperwork is filed and your case is in front of a judge and what bills you can set aside. Here are a list of bills you should continue to pay as you prepare to file for bankruptcy. Tax Debts It is extremely rare that an individual is able to wipe away their tax debts by filing for bankruptcy. This is because an individual has to be in dire straights and meet very specific criteria to qualify for their tax debt to be wiped clean in bankruptcy.  Because it is so rare that tax debts are discharged in a bankruptcy, it is advised that you continue to pay your tax debts if you are already on a repayment plan with the IRS. If you fail to make your payments, the IRS can demand you pay your tax debt back in full, come after your bank account, file a lien against any property you own or even garnish your wages. As such, it is always best to continue to pay your back taxes back as agreed upon until the courts have determined that your debt will remain or be wiped away.  Court-Ordered Payments Court-ordered payments can never be discharged through bankruptcy. The only way to put an end to these payments is to pay...

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What Ethical Guidelines Govern The Bail Bonds Business?

Posted by Samantha Jones on Sep 12, 2014

Bail bondsmen have been in the news lately for a number of scandalous reasons — one was accused of exchanging his bond services not for money, but for sex, while another has been charged with extorting money and services from clients. However, despite these stories, the bail bonds business is heavily regulated, and bail bondsmen are subject to rigorous background screening and other protective measures. Read on to learn more about the ethical laws and regulations that govern the business of bail bonds. What does a bail bondsman do? A bail bondsman, or bail agent, is responsible for certifying to a court that a defendant will return for his or her trial date and any other follow-up court dates at which his or her presence is needed. When a defendant is arrested and charged with a crime, the court will usually set bail. Bail is the amount the defendant must pay in order to be released from jail pending trial.  The bail amount set by the court is generally higher than the amount of cash most defendants or their families have immediately available. This is where the bail agent enters the picture. In exchange for a nonrefundable fee (usually 10 percent of the total bail ordered by the court), the bail agent will post bail on the defendant’s behalf. The bail agent may also require some other collateral in addition to this fee, such as the title to a house, car, or other property owned. If the defendant fails...

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Loans For Hours Worked And More: New Changes To The Payday Loan Industry

Posted by Samantha Jones on Sep 3, 2014

A payday loan is a short-term loan that can help you take care of unexpected bills and financial emergencies. These loans are based on how much you earn, and they are usually approved regardless of your credit score. To improve the state of short-term loans, leaders in the payday industry are constantly working to revolutionize and revitalize payday loans. Here are some of the new changes on the horizon: Loans for Hours Worked Traditionally, when you apply for a payday loan, you take out a chunk of money that you agree to pay back on your next payday. However, a new group of payday lenders is looking to change this classic arrangement. Instead of granting you a single loan, these lenders are willing to grant you a loan every time that you work a few hours. To use these lending services, you simply upload a picture of your electronic time card to a special app, and the lender verifies how many hours you have logged. If you want to get paid immediately for those hours, you just need to push a few buttons on the app, and the money is dispatched to your checking account immediately. You can take out as many loans as you like throughout your pay period, and when you are finally paid, the money you borrowed is deducted from your checking account. In most cases, you pay a fee for this service, but some start-ups are offering a pay-what-you-want type of arrangement for these loans. Business...

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Tips For Consolidating Debt And Improving Credit

Posted by Samantha Jones on Aug 1, 2014

If you have debt accumulated on various different credit cards, your credit score may be suffering. Poor credit makes comfortable living difficult. You will experience difficulty when you try to rent or purchase a home, lease a vehicle, or upgrade your furniture. Even if you cannot get out of debt right away, there are ways to consolidate your debt and improve your credit score. Tip #1 – Know How To Consolidate To consolidate your debt is to put it all in one place. If you are making payments on multiple cards each month, you run the risk of forgetting a payment on a card or loan. Multiple sources of accumulated debt also means that you have multiple interest payments. Consolidating your debt into one area will make payments easier. To consolidate your debt, you should look into taking out a personal or confidential loan or a payday loan, like those at Payday Express. This loan should only be used to pay off your existing debt. Once your credit cards are zeroed out, have only one loan payment to make each month. You can find confidential loans with lower interest rates than credit cards, which will be helpful to you in making regular payments and improving your credit score. Tip #2 – Know When to Consolidate You shouldn’t consolidate your debt at just any time. If you are unable to make your regular payments, consolidating your debt and not paying it off will hurt your credit score as much –...

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5 Things You Can Sell Right Now For Cash

Posted by Samantha Jones on Jul 30, 2014

Sometimes you simply need to access cash as quickly as possible. Unexpected medical bills, emergency car repairs, and other situations have a way of popping up when you don’t have any cash to spare. Before you resort to a payday loan or try to borrow money from someone, take a good look around your house. Chances are that you own several things you don’t really need or use very often that can be quickly sold for cash. Here are five ideas to get you started: Gold Jewelry Those hoop earrings your ex bought you that you never wear, or that gold watch that’s been sitting unworn in its original box for the past five years, might be worth a decent amount of cash. Gather up any unwanted gold jewelry you have laying around and bring it to your local gold selling and buying experts. While the price of gold does fluctuate, it is always valuable. Even tiny amounts of gold have cash value, since they can be melted down into gold bullion. Visit sites like for more information on how to get started with selling your gold. Name Brand Clothes Gently worn, clean, name brand clothes can fetch a decent amount of cash. The quickest way to make cash from your old clothes is to look for upscale consignment shops in your town and call to schedule an appointment. The shop will take a percentage but you may still make a great rate on your unwanted old clothes. Selling...

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