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Ready To Take Your Investing To The Next Level? Look Into (The) Futures

Posted by Samantha Jones on Nov 11, 2014

If the thought of investing in real estate, index funds, mutual funds — or even day trading individual stocks — bores you, you may be ready to take your investments to the next level. Many of the world’s most successful investors...

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2 Helpful Services Offered By Credit Unions

Posted by Samantha Jones on Oct 29, 2014

As you search for a new bank, you may want to consider joining a credit union. Credit unions are member-owned, and because of this they offer many advantages to customers over other types of banks. While credit unions offer checking accounts,...

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Can Your Minor Child Sell Their Structured Settlement?

Posted by Samantha Jones on Oct 16, 2014

If your child sustained an injury as a result of somebody else’s negligence, it’s likely that they’re receiving a structured settlement. These settlements are designed to distribute the total amount of the settlement evenly over...

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5 Ways To Get Textbooks When You’re Almost Broke

Posted by Samantha Jones on Oct 1, 2014

Few things fill a college student with dread like purchasing textbooks. After paying tuition, fees, room and board (or taking out a loan to do so), you still may be in for hundreds of dollars more in expenses for books. And if you’re nearly...

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Preparing To File For Bankruptcy? A List Of Bills You Should Continue To Pay

Posted by Samantha Jones on Sep 22, 2014

If you have made the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy, you may have a challenging question on your mind. You may find yourself wondering what bills or debts you should continue to pay on until your paperwork is filed and your case is in...

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What Ethical Guidelines Govern The Bail Bonds Business?

Posted by Samantha Jones on Sep 12, 2014

Bail bondsmen have been in the news lately for a number of scandalous reasons — one was accused of exchanging his bond services not for money, but for sex, while another has been charged with extorting money and services from clients....

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Financial Education

Reading Girl Women have every right to educate themselves on personal, family, and professional finance. Finance is no longer just a man’s world, and education is key to success.

Budgeting Tips

Piggy Bank Keeping a pristine budget is key to living the lifestyle you want. Learn how to save more and spend less, and always stick to your plan!

Getting Involved

Financial Girl The professional world of finance is home to many women who are involved in major financial decisions of many companies. You too can become involved.